Saturday, April 14, 2007

Drew Parker - Pinewood Derby Champion

Guam Islandwide Pinewood Derby Championship

Since Drew won his pack's Pinewood Derby race, he was automatically entered into the Guam Islandwide Pinewood Derby Championship. The race was scheduled for 10:00 am on the 14th, which was only about four hours after we got home from our eight-day trip to Hong Kong. So we were dragging.

The race was only supposed to have the champions from each pack, but since some packs had not held their elimination event yet, the council opened it up to all those who had not yet raced. So, instead of only six cars, there were 19.

After the preliminary round, the top four cars advanced to the championship. Drew made the cut. The championship round consisted of four heats between the four cars, with each car running on each of the four tracks. Drew won three of the four heats and easily won the championship. As you can imagine, he was pretty happy.

I've posted a short video of the race on our home website. You can visit the video page here:

Once there, click on the picture to launch a Windows Media Player file that is about five minutes long. There are a few other videos worth checking out as well.