Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cold Sushi and Warm Sake

Is there anything better than warm sake? I doubt it.

Mary K said, "Hey, let's go eat sushi tonight since we're not going to be able to for a few days." Why not? So, off we went to our favorite restaurant in Guam - Rotary Sushi. Actually, the real name is Super Kaiten Sushi Taiyro (Kaiten-Zushi is the Japanese term for conveyor belt sushi, Tairyo is Japanese for 'fish harvest'). You sit at a counter while a moving belt carries fresh sushi around the restaurant. See something you want, just grab it. Each plate is color-coded to indicate how much that particular dish costs - $1, $2, or $3. For a family of four, we spend about $60 each time we go.

Drew likes the salmon, whereas Anna likes the salmon roe. I stick to fish, mostly salmon, but sometimes white fish or tuna. Mary K - she eats anything. Just like Mikee.

The best part is the warm sake. I used to order it by saying "hot sake," but I kept getting "Asahi." (Say it to yourself, you'll understand.) My Japanese is terrible.

Anyway, the sake really mellows you out. Mary has to drive home every time, while I sit in the passenger seat and pontificate on how lucky we are to be living on a tropical island where we can enjoy strange foods and meet interesting people.