Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween and Birthdays

Well, I was going to go as a Goth Fairy ( --my inspiration), but when the needle on my sewing machine broke and I was already 20 minutes late to the party, I gave up and went as myself (sometimes that’s scary enough). I will go as the Goth Fairy next year. I have the lace lace-up gloves, the fairy wings, and the black eyeliner. The black skirt with the black lace overlay is mounded in a corner.

I did my Physical Readiness Test on 1 November, so I couldn’t really stay out late. Despite going to bed early, I still woke up almost every hour (and sometimes more frequently). You would think by now I would have sufficient faith in myself to do fine on the PRT, but the day before, I had Dr J, my favorite DO, re-align my SI joint (it was like having a toothache in my hip) and rotate the T4-L1 vertebra that was causing me right bicep pain. I think I was afraid everything was going to fall apart. A little PMS didn’t help. In case you're wondering, I scored an Outstanding Medium. I maxed the sit-ups and the push-ups; I just need to do more interval training to get my run time down.

My next big project is trying to update my CV/resume so I can moonlight as a nurse practitioner at the local express care clinic. It’s not that I have that much extra time; it’s that I need the practical experience and the clinical hours if the Navy isn’t going to give it to me.

We just celebrated Drew’s 7th birthday (my, how time flies) which consisted of a birthday cake and juice boxes at school, a visit to Planet Hollywood with complimentary cake, candle, and song for dinner, and a trip to the NEX to spend his 7 birthday dollars. He sang, “It’s the best day ever…” from the SpongeBob Movie, so I guess we did okay.

Anna has been leaving notes around the house (and on the computer), “I want a pink laptop.” I suppose it’s a good thing to be focused. Dell sells them, by the way.

I’m the mom with the thankless task of being Cookie Chair this year. We started the Cookie Kick-off yesterday with a tasting session then a visit to the PIC waterpark. Anna is very excited. Drew and Gregg will do something manly, I think, or maybe they’ll just stay home and play video games. Wait, that’s manly. Well, they actually took Drew's best friend, Cole, with them to Tarza (note that the prices on the web link are for tourists). But they were still at home playing video games when Anna and I finally made it through the front door.

I skipped judo on Friday. I get stressed when I don't do my obligations because I feel as though it may become a slippery slope---I'll find more excuses the next time to avoid going somewhere or doing something. For the past few sessions, I’ve been the only student and I’ve had to wrestle the sensei’s 10 year old son. That’s not really all that bad; he is a blue belt, I do get one-on-one correction, and I learn highly individualized moves with lots of time for drilling. However, it’s a lot more fun to throw Dr Karen around because she’s a no-holds-barred-type person and I’ve gotten choked really good on a couple of occasions (not to mention some tremendous bruises on my knees and chin and rug burn on my elbows). It's just that I’ve had a low-grade headache that hasn't gone away since the PRT. I have to admit it’s nice to be unscheduled.