Monday, April 9, 2007

Hong Kong Day 4

Ocean Park

When we intially planned our trip, we planned to visit Hong Kong Disney on one of the days. However, everyone we have talked to since we arrived recommended Ocean Park instead. So, we decided to give it a shot. Not too bad, but nothing like Disney back home. Not too many rides, but all-in-all, a great way to spend a day.

It is located along the south side of Hong Kong Island, providing a spectacular view of the South China Sea. Here is a photo we took as we rode the cable car from one side of the part to the other.

Later I caught Drew as he stood in line for the Frog Hopper ride.

Anna and Drew then rode the Frog Hopper and had a blast.

We were all so tired we came home and vegged-out on room service and watched the Discovery Channel, which had a great show on about Chinese History.