Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hong Kong Day 5

Shopping Extravaganza

The day started off rather uniquely. I was at the front desk talking with the receptionists as Mary K booked a day-trip into China for Thursday. I heard a small comotion, looked behind me and saw Drew on the shoulders of a Chinese gentleman with Anna standing beside him. The gentleman's friends were taking photos, so I decided to snap a few as well.

That is one of the great things about Hong Kong - everyone is so friendly and so polite. A few days ago one gentleman gave Drew an origami swan as we stepped off the Star Ferry, and Anna had another gentleman give her an Easter basket after brunch.

We shopped all day long, starting with the Fleet Arcade, a small mall for US military-only. Spectacular bargains on lots of Hong Kong and Asian merchandise. I dropped a bunch of cash on gifts and household items. Then it was off to Poddinger Road and the Lanes for fabric and clothes shopping. Mary K found some great fabric shops, so I took the kids and headed back to give her a chance to do some solo shopping.

She showed up some two hours later with receipts for two dresses and two pairs of tailored shorts, as well as a few yards of silk and Asian fabrics. Still, she didn't spend nearly as much as I did. Needs to practice, I guess.