Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Kids in a Full Cube

At least I got them to smile for the camera. They were quite irked that I made them help me with moving. Anna and Drew despise moving and I'm right there with them.

You can see we packed the Cube quite nicely. Not nicely enough, though, on a previous pack because we managed to ding the screen of the LCD television. Oh, well. I guess I'll see how much it costs the replace the screen.

We're almost done emptying the apartment---we only have the freezer and a few large pictures to move to the new house. I have Drew's old bed and desk on Craigslist and two people interested, so I'm hoping they will go today. We also have a stack of items to go to Goodwill (which, fortunately, for us) is quite near. And then I can turn in the keys and hope I get my deposit back.

We didn't invest in a whole lot of boxes like we did for the move a year ago. It hasn't turned out to be a bad decision, just many small trips to pack the Cube, as you can see in this photo.