Friday, March 6, 2009

Flag Circle and Memory Sticks

I drove Gregg and the kids to Flag Circle where Gregg had left his car last night after the squadron hail-and-farewell. He would take the kids from there to tennis lessons while I returned home to prepare for the Community Service project for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month at the Navy Exchange.

Gregg called me at home and said the kids saw how big the houses were at Flag Circle and asked who lived here.

Gregg told them, "High-ranking Naval officers live here."

They wanted to know what a high-ranking Naval officer was. "Well, that's someone who is a captain or an admiral," Gregg said.

Drew said, "Dad, I want you to stay in the Navy long enough to become a high-ranking Naval officer so we can live in a house like this."

* * * * * * * *

Drew got a Sony PSP today. After waiting patiently to charge the unit, Drew sat down on the couch to play. That's when he ran into trouble. Attempting to save the game was causing all sorts of frustration because the game wouldn't save to the PSP. After listening to the noise coming from the living room, I asked Gregg what was wrong.

The problem? Drew's PSP didn't come with a memory stick. Drew started opening anything that had an orifice on the PSP, including the battery door. "Wow," I said, laughing. "That sounds like another male who lives in this house!"