Friday, November 7, 2008

Outstanding Performance at the Armed Forces Committee Inaugural 5K!

I hadn't planned on running the 5K today since we are also scheduled for the PIC 5K tomorrow. When I found out there was a unit competition and Naval Hospital was encouraged to participate, I asked Drew if he wanted to run on Saturday AND Sunday. "Sure, Mom," he said. "We can run both days and I can rest on Monday." They don't have school on Monday.

It was my best time so far. I turned in 26:42 which means I was running 8:36 splits. I am SO thrilled. I hadn't even been running except for around a few blocks in the morning with our new dog (well, she's new to us, not so new to the world). What made the difference is my diet. I must have been hovering around low normal for a while then plummeted to real anemia (H&H: 10 & 32) for the past few months. I started taking iron and also supplemented my diet with a protein powder. I truly believe that has made all the difference. If I actually get out and train, I might even meet my goals for a sub-24:00 5K by the end of the year (I was thinking I was going to have to settle for consolation prize for my New Year's resolution). Now I have hope.

Drew was just a little in front of me this time. His time today was 26:12, not good enough to compete with the 13 year-old cross country boys from GW. Anna turned in a respectable 39-minute 5K---she is not a runner and despite my cautions, she wore denim shorts. Now she knows why I advise the knit shorts---chafing.

I am woefully behind on my NaNoWriMo project---but I have the rest of today to scribble several thousand words and get caught up. Remember---NO EDITING! That comes in December.