Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seabee 5K and Diabetes 5K

Well, this is the last time I anticipate the family running all week-end with me.... 

There were two races scheduled. Gregg played golf on Saturday, so the rest of us ran the flat course at Chamorro Village. Coming off my most-excellent time last week, I was certain I could trim half a minute off. I was wrong and turned in a disappointing 27 minutes 55 seconds. Another runner told me this course was actually 3.12 miles and the race last week was short. 

On Sunday, I had four numbers but I was the only runner because everyone else wanted to sleep in. The race grand prize was two round-trip tickets to Cairns. Unfortunately, my luck was so bad, I couldn't even win a 12-pack of diet Pepsi. Oh well. I ratcheted my race times back because of Saturday's performance and the fact that this was a hilly course, ending with an uphill sprint to the finish. Lo! and behold! I turned in a reasonable 27 minutes 33 seconds and I asked the runner next to me if he thought the course was short. He thought it was just right, having run the PIC 5K a few weeks earlier. I overheard the the runner to my left tell someone else she was convinced the course was long because she and her son turned in a 34 minute run time when they expected 31 minutes. I guess it all evens out.