Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Drew and I celebrated Thanksgiving by running the 37th Annual Turkey Trot 3.5 Mile Run with the Guam Running Club. Drew came in 12th; I came in 64th. We had a brief torrential downpour prior to the start of the race that left me with squishing shoes and soaked socks and part of the race was cross-country. However, I did win a beach chair and Drew won two coffee mugs and a $20 gift certificate to National Office Supply in the post-race raffle so we did very well.

By the time Drew and I returned home, it was time to start the potatoes for the Orphans' Thanksgiving Potluck at Calvo Beach. This year, Panini went with us. Panini is a full-blooded Chamorro Sport Hound. Previously, this breed was classified as "boonie dog."

We had a great time sharing food and stories while enjoying the beach and the warm weather. The picture features Drew playing checkers against Sarah with bottle caps and baby coconuts. King me, baby!