Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Best Days Ever, According to Drew

The kids have been on spring break this week so Gregg took leave and I used special liberty for Tuesday and Thursday (to avoid increasing workload for everyone else).

On Tuesday, we had our home visit with Grace. It's always humbling to see ourselves through someone else's eyes. We have a number of tasks left to complete and one is the expensive one---the trip to INS to get our fingerprint cards and immigration paperwork...

After the visit, I took Anna and Drew to Micronesia Mall so Drew could watch "The Balls," his name for the dynamic display outside Macy's. He could stand there for hours and watch the balls travel around the tubes and wires. We ate lunch and waited for Funtastic Park to open. We rode the "Creature Coaster," crashed into each other on "Road Rage," and they finished up with a ride on the "Pirate Ship." I was running out of money and Anna wanted a smoothie before we left the mall.

We stopped at the NEX on the way back so I could get a new watch. My old watch, which was a Mother's Day present 3 years ago, had developed a metal snag on the mesh wristband and I had already snagged my uniform skirt and poked myself a couple of times.

We hung out at home until time for judo class. I told Drew I would be testing for my blue belt on Friday. He was aghast. "I've been taking judo longer than YOU, Mom," he declared. I learned how competitive Drew was because he asked Sensei how long before he could get HIS blue belt and reported back to me.

Today, Thursday, we went to Tarza. Drew has been begging forever to go. According to Drew, this week has been "The Best Days Ever." Isn't it wonderful when we recognize every day has the potential to be "The Best Day Ever"?