Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drew Betters his Time in the Run for the Son 5K

Drew bettered his time in the Run for the Son 5K sponsored by the Archdiocese of Agana on Saturday, 5 April 2008, completing it in a blistering 25:09. I lagged a few minutes behind, coming in at 28:16---not bad, considering I only ran on Monday morning because I caught strep and spent the rest of the week feeling very tired. Drew made the PDN again, this time with a black-and-white photo accompanying the runner places.

It was a week characterized by priorities for me. I wanted to present a revamped Powerpoint for the Diabetes Self-Management Education class I facilitate and that needed to be ready for Tuesday's 0900 class. I then had two presentations on Thursday for the University of Guam's senior nursing leadership class: "Motivating and Developing Staff" and "Evaluating Staff Performance."

Friday was the new session for judo and I wanted to donate some hours to G.A.I.N.'s annual spay and neuter efforts on Saturday, especially since I had gotten approval to do a story from the editor of the Guam Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper.

I'm also spending this next week TAD in a course titled, "Clinic Management." I have homework due for that as well and I'll work on it tomorrow after we're done scoping. When I made my return flight, I went ahead and decided I would run for the airport: the class ends at 1130 and my flight leaves at 1400. Fortunately, the airport is practically down the street from the class site, and I'm hoping that the instructor says they've had positive experiences with other students in this situation. In any case, Gregg was aghast that I would schedule things so tightly. I told him I don't get back until Saturday evening and if I waited until Saturday to fly, I wouldn't get home until Sunday. I go to work on Monday and I just didn't want to have my whole weekend blown. As it is, I miss out on a 5K, two judo classes, and a mentoring session with my senior nursing student from UOG.

Anna has spent the weekend putting aloe lotion on her back and ibuprofen in her mouth because of a major sunburn she got while snorkeling at Polaris Point. "I've learned my lesson," she declared. "No more spray-on SPF!" She got up with us on Saturday because she couldn't sleep, but I couldn't persuade her to run.

Drew had Jack and Ben stay over last night and all of them reported they were awake until after 2 in the morning. However, Gregg disputed this, saying they were all asleep before midnight.

Pastor Fred suggested we prayerfully consider using our free round-trip tickets to Manila to assist with the Volunteers in Mission project to build a church near Manila in late July-early August. Gregg and I will have to talk about this more in-depth; it would be a wonderful opportunity and it also falls at the worst time of the year (and in a place normally off-limits to military personnel without connections to the Philippines). We'll keep you posted on what we finally decide.