Sunday, February 17, 2008

SHRM President's Day 5K

Drew ran his best time ever----25:41! He's even pictured in the Guam Pacific Daily News.
I wish I could say I improved my time as well, but I discovered it really does matter what I eat. I also didn't pay attention to hydration the day before the race. As a result, I felt major GI distress that left me walking part of the course and feeling malaise the rest of the day. It's just another lesson learned on my own goal towards running a sub-25 minute 5K. If you're curious, my time was 33:02, which is still a respectable time. However, of all the women's age groups, the runners in the 40-49 range tend to run the fastest---Mylene Garcia ran the 5K in 24:04.
I've been trying to talk Anna into running---it's excellent cross-training for tennis---because she could medal every single time if she ran even as slow as me.