Friday, February 8, 2008

Moylan 5K Run for Your Heart

Well, Drew and I got up and ran another 5K today. Unfortunately, there were two 5K's scheduled for today and the other run (Our Lady of Lourdes 5K) must have gotten the automatic timers because there were no times for this run. I know that I ran faster than 30:46 because the third place male finisher in the Senior Division (60+) ran that time and I passed him. I was only passed by TWO jog strollers today and they passed me very early on. I even passed other people (including the old guy) toward the end. I know that running more than once a week is paying off because I felt very good throughout the entire race.

I am rather demoralized at realizing the first place finisher in my division (Master) finished in 23:10. The third place finisher was under 25 minutes. The top runner, Lisa Mason, finished in 18:06.

Drew is going to Jack's birthday party and they are touring a helicopter at Andersen. I will take Anna to tennis lessons and Gregg will be going to play poker at the neighbor's house. Tomorrow is a little busy. We will go to church and Anna will sell cookies for Girl Scouts at the NEX while Drew goes to Boy Scouts. I, of course, will be getting the house in order for the next week and doing laundry. Fun, fun.