Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Miss Hobbs Will Be Traveling Back to the Mainland

You know what's bad about flying pets in and out of Guam? They don't get frequent flyer miles. Cargo doesn't count for anything. However, you CAN claim them on your taxes as unreimbursed moving expenses (if, of course, that's what you're doing). But don't take my advice; contact your own in-house legal counsel for information on your unique situation. Gregg and I had a big discussion over this when we did our taxes. I was convinced that I could count the money I dropped on these as moving expenses because recent divorce court decrees had decided pets were property, not children who required visitation.

Everyone will be going back to the real US (as opposed to the satellite US on which we currently reside) this Saturday. Well, everyone except me and the cats. Hobbs will go sometime next week when I've had a chance to get a health certificate for her.

Gregg will play golf with his dad, the family will grill on Grandpa's pontoon boat, and everyone will have a marvelous time. I think Anna intends to get a bowling ball. I don't know how they plan on getting it back here though. Wouldn't want to be on the airplane if they stow it in the overhead bins....