Sunday, May 20, 2007

Banana Tree in Backyard

I just recently noticed we had a banana tree in our back yard. How cool is that? I guess my first clue should have been the presence of gigantic banana spiders...

The bananas here on Guam are small, about the 1/4 the size of the bananas you find in the supermarket. They are also amazingly sweet and creamy.

I've eaten a lot of strange fruit since arriving on Guam---I love coffee hour after church because the locals bring whatever fruit is in season to share with the church family.

You can see some of the fruits our family has eaten on this blog (although Gregg tends to be more reluctant to try the ones that look slimy):

When we went to Hong Kong, I saw the Durian. I wish I would have known how to determine when it was ripe and to try it. Apparently it has a horrible odor (bad enough to be banned in the Singapore mass transit) with a heavenly flavor. I love paradoxes.